Anonymous stated, asked, or said just to be a raging cunt: do you still dislike kaitlyn?

absolutely yes

posted 1 year ago

discendos stated, asked, or said just to be a raging cunt: do you have a link to any of your smut anymore?

not a link but it still exists!!!


so like

it’s official

i don’t think i’ll be using this blog anymore

ofc i’m still leaving it up though. it’s a gold mine of so many things and i could never actually delete it

but as for posting here

i don’t think so.

i’ll miss a lot of you though! you’re all lovely but after over a year this blog has met its end i think

but who knows, i might be back.

but if you still want to follow me, there’s always here:

i’ll miss being on here but there are a number of things that were leading up to this tbh

for those of you that don’t fancy the new blog, i probably love you, i probably will miss you, but i might forget you iajs


  • so like
  • i’m unintentionally taking (ANOTHER) break/hiatus from this blog
  • key words being “this blog”
  • if you still want to follow me and actually see me being active
  • woop, there it is
  • just fair warning though
  • the wrestling on it is limited
  • well aside from wade (and punk but shhhhhhh) but that’s a given
  • so yeah
  • THIS IS WHERE WE SAY OUR (hopefully temporary?) GOODBYES
posted 2 years ago


WWE KIDS September 2012 scans

When I become a WWE Superstar, I can take up about 15 pages of the WWE Kids magazine with my drawings, haha! I like how the WWE specifically put Zack’s “Oh Radio” drawing next to Hunico’s “cross” drawing! No coincidence I tell you! lol look at Heath’s drawing of himself!

Always Promote Terrell ☆ (coming soon)


the bulge is out